For fun, I like to road bike and travel, I have been coast to coast in the United States and my favorite city is San Francisco. It reminds me of Glasgow only the weather is better and it is by the water. I also enjoy photography. My first entry into this hobby was purchasing a digital camera. A Fuji Finepix 2600 2.0 Mega pixel camera. This was fun and got me into taking pictures. I later took further interest in the subject and wanted to take more control of taking pictures and spend less time making pictures look good on the computer. I later began to purchase 35mm SLR cameras. These are single lens reflex cameras that provide interchangeable lenses specialty flashes and also allow you to control the aperture and shutter speed of the camera to further manipulate the images.

I bought a number of cameras and sold the ones that I did not want. I have now narrowed down my camera collection to the Olympus OM Series and Minolta Manual and Auto focus Cameras.

My favorite cameras are:

bulletOlympus OM-1 - Given to me by my mother, she bought it in 1983 to use during her PhD and used it a handful of times. It is a perfect manual camera, the battery is only used to power the meter.
bulletOlympus OM-4 - This is probably the most expensive camera that I own. It is in perfect condition and was one of the top professional cameras in its time. It provides manual and auto exposure controls.
bulletMinolta Maxxum 5 - This is a great little camera, it has super fast auto-focus and is excellent for the fast moving shots that are a little more difficult to take using a manual camera, If there is a camera that I would take site seeing it would be this, you can take pictures on the go and I also have a 28-210mm lens that is extremely versatile.
bulletMinolta X-7A - Great little camera, I learnt how to use an SLR with this camera and hence I like it so much.

I have taken this hobby further and joined a local college in Dallas to learn how to develop pictures. I have since been taking, developing and printing my own pictures. The majority of which is is Black & White landscape pictures.

Click Here to see some of my Pictures

I hope you enjoy them.


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