1973 Mercedes Benz 280SEL
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I bought this car on Memorial Day 2004. The car was in rough condition. The engine ran terribly and super rich and the interior was shot. The paint on the car was burnt up and faded and there was a dent in the rear of the car.
After spending many thousands of dollars getting the car running, I almost gave in because the car would continue to run terribly and flood out.
Eventually I found a great Mechanic in Atlanta who identified the problem to be the ECU which I replaced. I also replaced the map sensor and had the wiring harness rebuilt.
It was finally running well after a year of ownership then the worse thing happened. Someone rear ended me while sitting at the traffic light. The battle began once again to make sure that the car was not totaled
I finally got the insurance to agree to a settlement and used the proceeds to restore the car.
I finally sold this car to a German gentleman in June 2008 after I completed much of the mechanical and cosmetic restoration of this car. It is now living in Europe with it's new owner.
Here are some pictures of the restoration.
Here are some photos of the car during it's restoration process.